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click food for larger image Doro Watt (spiced chicken served with spiced hardboiled egg) Misir (spiced lentils) Shiro (spiced chick peas) Atkilt (vegetable combination of potato, cabbage, and green pepper with spices) Gomen (spiced collard greens) Siga Watt (spiced beef)
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Traditional Dishes

All of these dishes are served with injerra, the traditional pancake-like flatbread.
Injerra is used to scoop up the stew-like dishes known as Watt.

Siga Watt or Doro Watt                                                                              
Spiced beef watt or spiced chicken watt, served with injerra.

Siga Watt or Doro Watt Combo                                                                            
Includes Misir (spiced lentils and a portion of
Alicha (vegetable combination of potato, cabbage,
and green pepper with spices), served with injerra.

Sampler Combo                                                                                           
Small portions of Siga Watt, Doro Watt, Misir, Bakela, and
Alicha.  Served with Ethiopian salad and two injerra.
(serves 1-2)

Tibs Watt                                                                                                      
Sautéed tender beef with spices and served with injerra.

Tibs Watt Combo                                                                                        
Tibs Watt with Misir and a generous serving of Alicha 
and served with injerra.

Family Combo
Full servings of Siga watt, Doro watt, Tibs, and all vegetable dishes. 
Served with Ethiopian salad and three injerra. (serves 2-3)

Tibbs Super Combo
Tibs watt served with Alicha, Gomen, Misir watt and green beans. 
Served with Ethiopian salad and two injerra. (serves 1-2)

Ziizil Tibbs Combo
Spicy, tender beef strips served with Ethiopian salad.

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Non-Traditional Dishes

All of these dishes are served with brown rice instead of injerra. 

Siga Watt with Brown Rice                                                                        
Spiced beef watt served with brown rice.

Siga Watt Combo with Brown Rice                                                                       
Spiced beef watt with vegetable side dish.

Doro Watt with Brown Rice                                                                                   
Spiced chicken watt, served over brown rice.

Doro Watt Combo with Brown Rice                                                          
Spiced chicken watt with vegetable side dish.


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Vegetarian Dishes and Side Dishes

Misir Watt and Alicha                                                                                
Lentil watt and Alicha (combination of cabbage,
potato, green pepper and spices)
Served on injerra.

Vegetarian Combo                                                                                       
4 vegetarian dishes served with injerra
(Will substitute injerra with brown rice upon request)
(serves 1-2)

Super Vegetarian Combo
Generous portions of Alicha, Misir watt, Bakela,
watt (spiced fava bean), Gomen (spiced
collard greens), and spiced green beans.
Served with Ethiopian salad. (serves 2-3)

Mini Vegetarian Combo                                                                                       
Alicha, Misir Watt (lentils) and Gomen (collard greens)

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Side Dishes

side sampler plate

Atkilt Alicha
Variety of vegetables (no cayenne pepper)

Collard greens

Spiced Green Beans


Fava beans

Split peas

Brown Rice

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Sweet Potato Pie
Available only by special pre-order
Whole pie or Mini pie                                                                         


Coca-Cola Products


Mango Juice                                                                                                 

Guava Juice                                                                                                  

Papaya Juice                                                                                                 

Ethiopian Coffee                                                                                           

Ethiopian Tea                                                                                               

Iced Ethiopian Tea
(no free refills)

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Vegetable combo

Doro Watt:
Spiced chicken

Spiced collard greens

Spiced lentils

Spiced chick peas

Siga Watt:
Spiced beef

Tibs Watt:
Sautéed top sirloin